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WingEnvy Paragliding offers paragliding lessons, gear, tandem rides, advanced training, and even tours!  We look forward to helping you get in the sky!!  We offer  San Luis Obispo County, and beyond!
Lead instructor Patrick Eaves has been paragliding for over 15 years.  Giving up his job in Real Estate Sales, Patrick has flown thousands of hours in California, and around the world!   Patrick is both a USHPA rated Advanced instructor, and Tandem Instructor.  Patrick is the former president of the SLO Soaring Association, a paragliding expert for, and produced the DVD "OneSKY" which features WingEnvy pilots flying in Peru, Nepal, Thailand, and New Zealand. When Patrick isn't Paragliding or can probably find him skydiving, he loves the sky! 
Tandem Instructor, Adam Dobbs, is one of our few Biwingual pilots.  Actually, Triwingual.  If he's not paragliding, he's probably out Speedflying or Hanggliding.  He brings many years of flight experience and an amazing passion for flying to the WingEnvy team. 
Trip guide Eric Hack has more hours paragliding than anyone on the Central Coast.  But that's not all he does, he's also commercial fixed wing pilot!   Eric has been a trip guide for WingEnvy in places like Peru, Nepal, Thailand, New Zealand, Mexico, and many locations around the US.   His backcountry snowmachine paragliding trips are legendary!
Kinsley ThomasWong is one of our affiliate instructor's.  He is a very experienced instructor and tandem pilot. These days Kinsley's real passion is KiteBoarding!  WingEnvy can set up KiteBoarding and Stand Up Paddleboard Surfing (SUP) lessons , just give us a call or email and we'll get you going!
About Us
Mike Harris has many years experience flying on the Central Coast.  He has a great feel for conditions at MDO and Cayucos.  He has lots of flying skill, but relies more upon his good decision making skills, based on the weather to keep him out of trouble in the sky.  This makes him a great role model and mentor for new pilots!
Mentors- Okay, so you've completed lessons, now what?  There is still plenty of learning to do.  And we are always here to help you, but we want you to expand your learning from just what your instructor has taught you.   So we've developed the mentor system, these are local pilots that have lots of experience flying the Central Coast, and are always willing to pass on some of their knowledge.  Mentors are not paid, they volunteer their help, so please thank them for their help!!
Jack Grisanti Former SLO club president, Jack has plenty of local AND travel paragliding experience.  He knows the local rules and regulations well, and is a great person to get site intros from.
Tim O'Neill is our competition expert, he attends several comps during the year.  As you become a more advanced pilot, he will be able to answer your questions about competition instruments, and competition XC strategy.   He is also a great guy to team up with if you would like to fly local XC sites like Cuesta Ridge in San Luis Obispo.  Follow his paragliding comp blog HERE.  Tim is our current SLOSA president as well!
John Pitt was once a champion Hangglider pilot, now he chews up the XC miles in his paraglider.  He doesn't compete, but good luck keeping up with him.  He is a hike and fly specialist.  His home site is Lake Elsinore, CA, but he travels the world for XC paragliding.
Jesse Jenks is our Acro Addict.  Seriously, he can gain altitude and go XC with the best pilots around...but he really wants to be burning altitude, FAST.   If he's not looping high in the sky, he is skimming the ground somewhere. 
David "Slammin" Salmon started the San Luis Obispo County XC revolution.  Sure, we did some paragliding xc's around here before he showed up.  But he has pushed us all to go further, and more often.  He holds several local records.
Baja Brent is our Team WingEnvy Guide in Baja.  His place RULES for vacation.  You can hike from his beach house to launch, and land in front of it on the beach, or on the porch even!!  And you won't find a better Baja host than Brent, he really will hook you up.  Not to mention Brent is a talented pilot!  Check his place out;