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Learn To Paraglide!!
WingEnvy Paragliding now offers full Paragliding Lessons! From Beginner through Advanced instruction, we'll help you reach your free flight goals!  We can also help get you discounts on gear through our affiliate gear retailers, or help you find suitable used gear.  Don't buy used OR new gear, until you talk with an instructor!   Not ready to go on your own?  Try going Tandem!
P-1 Course- Beginning Course $800: You'll be able to make short solo flights under instructor supervision. Includes ground school, gear to use during training, and in-flight instruction. $395. Certification upon passing the course. (Includes up to 4 days of instruction!!)
P-2 Course- Novice $1200: (Pre-requisite; P-1 certificate) This course includes the instruction need to gain your P-2 certification from USHGA. P-2 pilots are able to fly solo without instructor supervision, but within USGHA operating limitations. Course includes ground school,  and in flight instruction.  Certification upon passing the course. (Includes up to 7 days of instruction!!)
Pilot Package $2000: This course includes p-1 and p-2 training! Receive unlimited training over a 3 week period; if needed (training beyond the 3 weeks may require purchasing more lesson time, depending on your progress. We MAY choose to extend your lesson time at no charge if we feel you are truly working hard to progress. Most students complete the lessons in the alloted time, if they are motivated, and weather cooperates. Of course, we are available anytime, even after training, to answer questions and help guide you along).  Plus, receive a significant discount on all gear through WingEnvy's Affiliate Retailers. Though we don't sell gear directly, we will help you find suitable used, or new gear.  Be safe, do not buy any gear before talking with us, or your chosen instructor.  Future ratings and clinics will also be offered at a discount to those who have purchased the Pilot Package. We recommend pilots purchasing their own gear by the 3rd or 4th lesson of the course, so we can help you adapt. We will help you choose gear that fits your needs as a pilot, and your budget. Certification is awarded if you pass the course.(Payment due in FULL on first day of this course).
Per Lesson $225: If you'd like to just pay per lesson, no problem! This is most often the best way to achieve advanced ratings.
Advanced Instruction: P3, P4, Thermal, Ridge, SIV, Reserve Throwing, Kiting, Advanced Ratings, guiding, and more... we offer many clinics throughout the year. Contact us for up to date information on these events.
Some restriction may apply wingenvy reserves the right to change pricing and offers at any time. Sorry, No refunds given after the 1st day of lessons. Some training may occur at areas that require travel. A good level of physical health will accelerate your learning and progress, you may be required to do some hiking with the paraglider. If you have any questions about our terms, or lessons, we'll be happy to answer them!! Thank you.
The WingEnvy G-MACHINE is used for
advanced Reserve Toss Clinics to
Simulate High G Emergency Situations
          Check Out The Video!   ----->
WingEnvy's Baja Thermal Clinic
At BajaBrent's Beach House
Photo by Wendy Schuss
Kiting is the key to success!
Paragliding Seminar with Patrick
Paragliding Lessons