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So you skydive, or want to?  Want to learn bodyflight from the best?  Then you WANT Axis Flight School.  Run by Brianne Thompson and Niklas Daniel, they will have you flying like a PRO!!  In addition to bodyflight, they also offer canopy coaching, check out their site, or see them in person at Skydive Arizona in Eloy, AZ.
Baja Brent offers the BEST flying accomodations at the La Salina flying site in Baja.  La Salina offers beautiful ridge soaring, thermal, and XC opportunities, with several flying sites nearby.  Hanggliders, PPG ers, Trikes, kiteboarders, SUPers, and even skydivers all love La Salina.  Stay at Baja Brent's, hike to launch from his place, land on the beach or porch at his place, and party from his place.  Baja Brent is the local expert, and he will definitely hook you up!
United States Hanggliding and Paragliding Association
San Luis Obispo Soaring Association, our local flying club on the central coast of California.  Go there to sign up for the club mailing list, and hook up with local pilots.  Great source for info on our local paragliding and hanggliding sites.

Training Videos
This is a short set of supplemental training videos WingEnvy was contracted to produce.  They are not meant to replace training, but are great to check out before you start lessons to give you an idea of what you're getting in to!

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