Experience free flight! Going along an instructional tandem flight is a great way to experience this sport, while flying under the safe control of a Tandem instructor. This is an experience NOT to be missed!

You will fly attached to your Tandem paragliding instructor, you will have the front seat, the best view in the house!!  Your tandem paragliding instructor will explain how to fly the paraglider during the flight, and if conditions allow (and you are willing), your instructor will allow you to control the wing during portions of the flight. 

 This is a great way to experience this sport even if you decide not to continue with solo lessons.  But if you do continue with solo lessons, a tandem flight will really give you a headstart on your learning. 
Money spent on Tandem flights will be credited towards solo lessons with us, should you decided to continue your flying career!
Tandem Flight!!
Tandem Paragliding
Gear Up
TANDEM PARAGLIDING $175 The thrill seeker, and thrill timid alike will absolutely LOVE this introduction to free flight! Tandem Instructional Flight time varies depending on the wind. But believe us, you won't be keeping track of time as you take your first steps into the air!  (Price varies depending on location)
TANDEM LESSONS (3 Flights) $495 If you liked the first flight, keep your excitement level high with a series of 3 lessons AND flights. These lessons are designed to give you an idea if you want to pursue this form of flight on your own! You'll get the chance to take control of the glider once we are airborne, and pick your flight path! *Must be used by same person, non-transferable, thanks
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