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Weather & Webcams
Our Favorite Weather And Webcams
This is a list of some of our favorite weather forecasting tools, for local flying on the central coast of California!
Click for Los Osos, California Forecast is a great site because it has a main forecast, along with several local, private windtalkers that will give you a good idea of what is going on around San Luis Obispo County.  During lessons with WingEnvy Paragliding, we will explain which windtalkers we look at for each flying site, and how we use that information.
We also use the following sites to get an idea of what is going on.  Most sites have slightly different information, but by looking at a few sites, we can average out the data and apply it to our flying needs.  There are MANY other sites, and as you learn more about the local weather, you will probably find more favorite sites not on our list.
Cuesta Ridge Windtalker
And of course, we LOVE webcams.  The best way to determine weather is to be there in person....but short of that webcams are a great way to get an idea of what might be happening at a given location before driving there...
Great for checking weather at the Laguna Lake, San Luis Obispo Flying site.
This windtalker is great for checking coastal weather, especially when considering flying at Cayucos.
YES!!  We often get asked if we have other sites or forecasting tools we use, and the answer is we have TONS of different data sources for pilots to check out.  During lessons, we will train you on how to determine if the weather is suitable for flying.  When forecasting, it's important to know what might be coming your way before you fly.  Of course, no forecast is guaranteed to be accurate.  For current conditions, the best way to know is to be there. 

If you are a visiting pilot, feel free to contact us for more advanced weather forecasts, or to get in touch with local pilots following that days weather.