Tandem Paragliding


Experience free flight! Going along on an instructional tandem flight is a great way to experience this sport, while flying under the safe control of a USHPA tandem instructor. This is an experience NOT to be missed! 

You will fly attached to your Tandem paragliding instructor, you will have the front seat, the best view in the house!!  Your tandem paragliding instructor will explain how to fly the paraglider during the flight, and if conditions allow (and you are willing), your instructor will allow you to control the wing during portions of the flight. 


This is a great way to experience this sport even if you decide not to continue with solo lessons.  But if you do continue with solo lessons, a tandem flight will really give you a headstart on your learning.  

Book a Flight!

Tandem Flight $175

What's Included?

  • Introduction to paragliding gear
  • Instruction on tandem launch techniques
  • In air instruction, and a chance for the student to take the controls (if conditions allow)
  • A beautiful flight from our amazing site in Cayucos, California.  Glide from a 700 ft mountain, out over the hillside, with a landing on the beach. (We may choose alternate locations based on weather).
  • All instructors are rated tandem instructors with the United States Hanggliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA).

Add Photos or Video!

Instructors can take photos and video of your flight!  You are also welcome to bring your own camera for no additional charge.  If bringing your own camera, we recommend a tether so you do not drop it.

  • $25 Still photos
  • $25  Raw video
  • $45 Stills and raw video
  • $85 Edited video

Please Note...

Tandem paragliding does require a certain level of physical fitness.  Student must be able to run several steps with their instructor for launch and landing.  Students must be able to follow instructor directions.   Student weight and size restrictions vary by instructor, and will be discussed during booking your flight to assure you will be placed with the appropriate instructor.